Holiday Wine Tasting

How can you reward your hard working team members or your top clients? 


How about an educational, interactive and fun wine tasting!


This holiday season I plan to offer three exciting ways to connect:


1. Virtual

2. In Person at your Toronto area workplace

3. Curatus Wine Club

I'll show your team and clients how to store, decant, serve, pair and most importantly, how to taste wine like a Sommelier.

1. Virtual:

We ship a minimum of one, but preferably two bottles of wine to each participant coast to coast across Canada with either a list of optional food pairings that participants can pickup themselves or we work with Daniel et Daniel in Toronto and other catering companies across Canada to deliver cuisine to each participant. We then login to zoom for an educational, interactive and fun virtual wine tasting. This allows team members from across departments and regions to connect in a fun and welcoming space. 


2. In Person at your Toronto area workplace:

I'll show up with wine and glassware rentals along with optional cuisine from Daniel et Daniel for an in person educational, interactive and fun wine tasting. 


3. Curatus Wine Club:

Located on historic Toronto street in downtown Toronto, a private members wine club exists where you can have a tailored dinner or charcuterie along with a wine tasting lead by me. This option would be for your top team members, your top clients or really anyone you want to really impress. There is a private dining room that can seat 24, a second private dining room that can seat 14 or the whole club which can be reserved for up to 50 people. 


From charcuterie and a few approachable priced wines to Champagne and Caviar, we have you covered. What about a Steak tasting along with a Bordeaux vs Napa Cabernet wine pairing, we can do that too. This truly would be an event to remember curated in bespoke fashion. 


Plese feel free to reach out for a quote today.

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