Vintage Conservatory Wine School 

10 Class Wine Specialist Program

Discover what makes different wines and different wine regions so special and why. Learn how to blind taste and identify different wines via blind tasting. Learn the wine styles, laws, methods of production, grapes, regions and terroirs of the world’s most famous regions from Champagne to Tuscany and Napa Valley to Barossa Valley.

This course will provide a solid wine foundation so you can correctly identity wines from around the globe and know what they will taste like, grape varietals in the wine and their various production

methods. Our wine specialist program will give you the knowledge and skill to select and pair wine be it at home or while browsing a complex wine list at a restaurant with clients.

Our wine specialist program blends essential wine theory with practical wine and food pairing

knowledge. We strive to make our classes enjoyable for our guests with an approachable level of

education paired with a bit of humor and fun. 

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